Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My New Favourite Shoes!

I recently bought these really great boots from Irregular Choice. I've been trying to find the right pair of black wedges at a relatively decent price so when I saw these babies I knew they were perfect for me. What do you think? The only complaint I would have to say after wearing them for the first time is that the bottom of them, even though they were rubber-ish(?), was really smooth and hard to walk on on certain surfaces. I actually had to butcher the pretty soles with a knife in a criss-cross pattern before I even thought about taking them out. Other than that, great boots! Really comfy to walk in especially. They're made quite thin on the bottom so I can imagine that someone with wider feet might feel some discomfort possibly? I bought them in a size 7 and they are very true to that size. A great find indeed, don't you agree? :)

Aren't the bottom of these just too cute to walk on?! D:

I actually still have the box! ^_^ Storing all my cords in there.

My top 3 shoes ♥

Ignore my crack and the awkwardness. Ha.


  1. Last year I bought these as well as the short cheetah version, You arent going to stop wearing them! <3

  2. Omg how many shoes do you have lol. I didnt even know they had a cheetah version! But yeah if I had a job I'd be buying a lot more shoes. I probably won't stop wearing them for quite some time until they break apart haha.

  3. Wow - they are so cool! Want to get them myself now!