Sunday, April 3, 2011

ROBOthug & Her Furry Space Boots.

I was browsing random sites online and came across the title "robothug" and fell in love. I'm thinking about changing this blog name to that but we shall see! In other news, my brother's 4th birthday just passed so look out for that entry. I haven't been through the photos though as of yet but I'm sure when I do I'll only like one or two shots. I had forgotten to charge the batteries for my flash at the time and therefore was limited with the flash on my slr and gave up with waiting on it to load. Ah well. Back to today's topic. I was really inspired by a lot of things today and at 8am this morning decided to dredge up my grandma's sewing machine from the garage and work on a little project. It was a lot more work than I had anticipated, fingers are sore and many needles were broken but it was well-worth it for the end result!

Here we have this old Juicy Couture hoodie that I've worn a bit throughout the years. Originally my mom's and passed on to me and it really has been just lying around collecting dust (and fur apparently) so I figured I'd put it to good use. Make something out of it that I'd actually use often instead of just another item tossed aside, one step away from donation/selling on ebay!

Messy room! Couldn't be bothered to tidy up for a few shots. Fuckit.

As you can see it's a bit raggedy, the hoodie, itself! >.< Sorry.

Here we have the fur (yes, it's real rabbit fur.. sorry!) part of the hoodie which I pulled the lining from and was just left with the fur/skin part of it. Some parts were stitched so poorly, I'm unimpressed JC! 

 And here we have one unfinished shoe and one completed side.

With flash. Looks great either way.

I actually still have to work on the left side so I'll be posting photos of both shoes tomorrow, when I have better lighting etc. :D Hope you like what I've done so far though. My sincere apologies that I used real fur, mind you this is probably the only item I own that fits in this category >.< But otherwise I really, really love the way it's turned out. Just have to add a few minor corrections here and there. :)