Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Complete Beauty Library by E.L.F!

Title says it all basically. My new makeup set by E.L.F. Had a bit of technical difficulties before receiving this but they solved all that asap. I bought this along with a couple of other things (which haven't come in the mail yet!). I ended up getting a free gift as well which was the Brightening Eye Color "Noveau Neutrals".  I've yet to try any of these things yet aside from the Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths, which work like a charm I must say! Too bad there are only 20 because I know I'll be using these babies up pretty fast. I'll definitely get more though, when they're out. I'll be sure to do some swatches of each when I have the time, possibly tomorrow or this weekend? By then I should have all my makeup that I ordered so it'll be one huge post or maybe I'll break it up into different posts according to the brand! Ah, possibilites. Well here are the photos! Hope you like ♥

Makeup Remover Cloths, Nouveau Neutrals Brightening Eye Color, 5 Elf Beauty Encyclopedias (left to right)

Brushes! 9pc set to be precise! Too pretty. Don't even wanna use em >.<

I love the bag the brushes came in as well. Seems very durable and it's compact!

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