Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Introductions Aside...

Self portraits of myself (along with my brother in the first two). Taken earlier today.

I made a video for the first time on my new camera (Canon EOS Rebel T1i) and the quality is actually quite spiffy. I love the camera in general though so this isn't a surprise. I'll post the video here as well. It's starting to thunder outside right now, which has been happening a lot more frequently for some odd reason. Weather is very weird down here. Still haven't adjusted to the heat. I'm a Caribbean girl but this is just torture with temperatures reaching over 100 daily in combination with the humidity! Gah! I'd pray for better weather but I've been busy praying to God that I get to be with Christopher soon. He's everything to me and it really kills to not be able to spend every waking moment with him (although we practically already do that thanks to technology). I just want to have his arms wrapped around me already. Every prayer and wish upon a star goes to the hope that we'll be together soon.

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